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About Us

Kim Technologies

Kim was formed in 2013 and is a no-code, patent-protected data capture, document generation, assembly and workflow automation platform.

Tens of thousands of cases and contracts have been processed through Kim since its first generally available product was released in May 2016.

About Kim

With team members in the US, Latin America and Europe, Kim has three solutions that are part of the same code base:

  • Kim Document
  • Kim Enterprise
  • Kim Intelligent Automation

We release new functionality regularly throughout the year: Kim Enterprise released Kim 11.4 in Jan 2023 (the first generally available product (Kim 1.0) released in May 2016), and Kim Document is on Kim 5.10 (the first generally available product released in April 2022).


What we do

Kim assists knowledge workers around the globe – whether in IT, Legal, Compliance, HR or any role within any function – to automate and generate documents, manage workflow, capture data and use that data to generate other documents and/or populate other systems.

With no software to download and enterprise-proven security, Kim synchs directly with your existing work environments, such as your web browser or MS Teams. Kim takes your existing MS Word documents, letters, forms, contracts, compliance records, and other content and seamlessly converts them into web applications that allow you to self-serve and generate documents and capture the data that required to progress. No need for a lengthy implementation process, extensive user training, or side-by-side help from IT.

Kim turns your documents into repeatable Standard Operating Procedures and helps organizations improve the internal colleague, client and vendor experience, get more done with the same resource, optimize processes, capture critical data and reduce error-prone manual rekeying. Kim turns your passive documents into active applications that work for you.

Learn more about what we do via this brochure.

Why Kim

Kim revolutionizes how organizations of all sizes capture data, automate and generate documents and use the data to populate other systems. It’s a game-changer that boosts operational efficiency and decision-making without needing specialized IT resources. Here’s what sets Kim apart:

  • Integration and Operation: Kim’s no-code approach allows for integration with platforms like Salesforce, SharePoint, ServiceNow, iManage and others, enabling users to generate and automate documents easily. Its low-code integrations further simplify application generation from existing documents.
  • Comprehensive Functionality: From data capture and document automation to comprehensive compliance management, Kim provides various tools to address business needs effectively.
  • Significant Cost and Time Savings: Organizations that use Kim experience rapid deployment and high adoption rates with minimal risk. It significantly reduces data rekeying and accelerates time-to-market, delivering a high ROI, typically over 50%.
  • Scalability and Security: Kim supports scalable solutions that adapt to any industry or purpose, maintaining high-security standards with IS27001 and SOC 2 Type 1 accreditation.
  • Future Proof: Positioned for the future, Kim leverages Generative AI capabilities to maintain relevancy in evolving tech landscapes, ensuring reliability and deterministic outputs.

By embedding Kim into your tech stack, you gain a reliable partner who will not only meet your current needs but also evolve with your future challenges.

Learn more about why Kim is becoming a core part of an organization's tech stack in this brochure.

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Legal as Kim@3x

Our Values

At Kim, we aim to simplify how knowledge workers get their work done, meaning they can focus on the more relevant and strategic tasks at hand.

Our goal is to help organizations create more logical and efficient processes. For example:

  • Why take hours to create a document when Kim can do it in minutes?
  • Why reinvent the wheel every time when you can create something once and use it multiple times?
  • Why spend time rekeying data, with all the errors this inevitably creates, when you can capture and populate other systems directly.

We believe that no-code document automation and workflow tools are the future for organizations;  empowering their teams to do their best work. We are committed to developing solutions that help you get your work done Faster. Better. Cheaper.

Our Products

What people say


Robert Taylor, CEO of 360 Law Group

We are always looking for ways to deliver better client value, increase efficiency and streamline our operations across the 100 jurisdictions in which we operate. When we first saw Kim, we thought that it was too good to be true: a great combination of globally scalable functionality that is easy to use and deploy at affordable business software prices. We are excited to not only use Kim but also to showcase and take it to our clients who we also believe will benefit significantly from adopting it.


Adrian Jaggard, CEO Taylor Rose

A significant increase in license fees from our existing provider triggered our review of other tools. We're glad it did. It showed us what is now possible. Kim will help us digitize our operations and better serve our clients and teams. It saves us time and money and helps our business and IT strategy. We are excited by the opportunities.


Andrew Powell, CIO

We are using Kim Document to automate our supplier questionnaires and related documents as part of our vendor onboarding process. It was quick to make live and has helped reduce time and effort onboarding new suppliers.


Tony McKenna, Director of Information Technology

Kim Document, for us, was a no-brainer due to the simplicity of use and the attractive price point. Kim will help the firm automate those documents that aren’t high value enough to justify a full-blown document automation platform but where they would still like control over the data collected.


CISO, International Bank

Kim gives organizations the ability to have no-code form creation which enables unstructured data to be put in a structured format.

Ann Pruitt, Executive Director

Kim’s no-code Document and Automation-as-a Service Platform empowered us to automate our legal helpline process, enabling our service to scale exponentially and allowing team members to deliver value at the highest level.


Contact Us

Excited and want to know more? Get in touch with us and we will be very happy to tell you more about Kim.