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Browse our Infographics library below to learn more about how Kim can assist your organization.


It's all about the data

In this Infographic, see how Kim helps businesses evolve to simplicity and how to capture, maintain and use accurate data.


10 reasons why Kim Document

In this one-page document, see how Kim transforms Microsoft Word into an easy-to-use document automation, document generation, data capture and systems integration platform. 


6 simple steps to activating your documents

Kim helps you turn your documents into applications for your individual use cases. Whatever sector you’re in. Whatever your role. Whatever letters, records, checklists, compliance forms or contracts you want to automate, activate, share and analyze. All in six simple steps.


Those 3 no regrets decisions

Whatever the size of the team. Whatever the target legal operating model. Whatever the sector. There are three ‘no-regrets’ decisions for legal departments.