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Case Studies & Use Cases

Kim works with organizations to automate and generate documents, manage workflow, capture data and use that data to generate other documents and/or populate other systems. Below see some of the use cases and case studies for  Kim Document.

Case Study

Taylor Rose deploys Kim to its 900 conveyancing team

Discover how Taylor Rose deployed Kim to its conveyancing team, reducing costs by over 50% and transforming its document generation and data capture processes. 

Case Study

London law firm comes up with an innovative “Capacity Solution”

See how Howard Kennedy integrated Kim Document with monday.com and, in the process, created an innovative capacity management solution.

Case Study

Using Kim Document Compliance Functionality

The compliance team at HVG Law wanted to innovate their practice through automation, making their support to clients more efficient and user-friendly.

Law Firm Use Cases

In this video, we cover three use cases outside the usual legal documents to give you an idea of what you can achieve when using Kim.

Learn how Kim can help free up your team in this video.

The no-regrets package for Corporate Legal Departments

Learn more about the 3 no-regrets decisions for Corporate Legal Departments in this video: request management, self-service documents and managing outside counsel requests.

Use Case: Capturing compliance requests and monitoring progress

In this video see how easy it is for the compliance team to to self-serve a code of conduct form and send to the entire organization via Kim.

Use Case: Creating a new vendor Information Security Checklist

In this video see how easy it is for a member of the IT team to self-serve an information security checklist and send to a vendor via Kim.

Use Case: Providing an NDA to a prospective client

In this video see how easy it is for a member of the Sales team to self-serve and send out an NDA via Kim.

Turn your existing documents into web applications

In this video we demonstrate three scenarios where teams can easily and efficiently self-service documents with Kim.