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It's all about the data

Kim generates applications from an organization's existing content and digitizes your operations


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For IT, Automation, Digitization, Innovation and Data Teams

Kim is a no-code, patent-protected Automation-as-a-Service platform. Kim helps organizations digitize their operations at pace, initially focusing on all those processes that were previously too expensive to automate but have become affordable with Kim.

Kim Application Generator enables your technical or business users, with little or no training, to generate web applications from your existing documents, i.e., your letters, forms, checklists, contracts, compliance records, and spreadsheets that capture data. These web applications, which can be made available internally or externally, become standard operating procedures (SOPs) with straight-through processing, removing the need to rekey data.


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Benefits of Using Automation Tools

When considering digital transformation and the implementation of document and workflow automation technologies, IT leaders can expect several significant benefits that can greatly impact their organization's efficiency and competitiveness, Benefits such as users maximizing existing resources, standardizing procedures, achieving straight-through processing, and enabling no-code citizen developers.


Maximizing Existing Resources

Document automation enables users to take their existing documents, generate applications from those documents and share them both internally or externally, forming a foundation for digital transformation.


Standardizing Data for LLMs

Large Language Models (LLMs) rely on data, demanding IT Leaders' attention to ensure high-quality, accurate data input. The adoption of standardized data capture aids in achieving this goal, ultimately enhancing LLM performance.


Straight-Through Processing of Data

Tasks and transactions can flow seamlessly from initiation to completion without manual intervention, reducing operational bottlenecks, speeding up processes, and minimizing the potential for human error.


No-Code Citizen Developers

Empowering non-technical users to become no-code citizen developers means employees can create applications and automate processes without extensive coding knowledge fostering innovation at all levels and accelerating digital initiatives.

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How Kim Document can help

Application Generator

Application Generator

AI tools make text, video, and image creation easy. Kim's Application Generator lets organizations create web apps from documents without coding skills or errors.

No code


Kim creates the entire application with no-code citizen development, including conditional document assembly and automatic generation of multiple documents off one document. 



Kim turns your existing documents into standard operating procedures (SOPs) with straight-through processing, improving the standardization of processes.

No rekeying

No Reykeying

Kim reduces the need for the rekeying of data. US organizations spend more than $3.1 trillion annually with all the consequences of rekeying data. 



Kim enables you to capture the data once, and from that data, you can then generate documents, generate multiple documents or use the data to populate other systems. 


High Adoption

High Adoption

Most users will never even see Kim. They will simply click a web link in other tools such as Salesforce, Workday, MS SharePoint, emails, etc.

How does this functionality help?

ChatGPT and cutting-edge AI tools have revolutionized content creation, eliminating the need for specialized skills. Now, meet Kim's Application Generator – it empowers your team to effortlessly transform documents into full-fledged web applications. No coding or IT expertise is needed, and zero room for false positives. It's innovation at its finest.

Capture the data and automatically generate the record, generate documents, and populate other systems

It all starts with your existing content. Take your MS Word document—it could be an MS Excel spreadsheet—and upload it to Kim. Quickly and with ease, use the Kim wizard to generate a web application that can be accessed from Kim or directly from other tools such as Salesforce, Workday, SharePoint, FAQs, email footers, etc. Most users never see Kim because they just click a link. Once they click the link, a user-friendly web form opens, and they input the necessary information and watch as Kim works its magic.

Kim then automatically generates the record and, if required, generates the related documents, for example, the welcome letter or employee handbook if this were an onboarding process for a new staff member. Kim also creates packages of data from the form, and, using Kim's low-code integration capability, this data can create or update records in target systems like Salesforce, monday.com, Workday, Jira, etc.

Kim can also be initiated from other systems. For example, if you were using SuccessFactors for recruitment, the moment a new person has signed their contract and will be joining the company, all the recruiter needs to do is press a button and everything happens automatically, such as record creation, document generation, and data populating other systems.

Tag an Existing Document

It all starts with your existing content:

  • Open one of your existing documents (i.e. letters, forms, checklists, contracts, compliance records, etc.).
  • OR create a new one using ChatGPT or your private large language model (LLM).
  • Tag it using the simple tag [$tagname].
  • Save your tagged document.

Create an Application

Anyone can create a new application with Kim. Start with your existing MS Word document that you tagged and saved with the relevant data fields. 

  • Click on "Create New Application." 
  • Fill in the property details. 
  • Upload your tagged MS Word document. 
  • Click "Create." 


No-Code Form Wizard

Kim's No-Code Form Wizard effortlessly converts the tags from your document into customizable fields for your online form: 

  • Drag and drop the fields exactly where you want them.
  • Customize the form properties to your requirements.

This maps the data model, using the incoming document, to the variable fields.

When you hit submit, Kim generates the data model; maps the data model, using the incoming document, to the variable fields; makes the document format a universally and automatically controlled entity that maintains all formatting, bullets, fonts, images, tables, page numbering, etc.; maps the audit profile and then automatically maintains it and maps the Inbound and Outbound API.

Generate a Document

Now that you've built your application and online form, generating a document is really easy: 

  • Select the application you wish to use. 
  • Complete the form details. 
  • Click "Submit." 
Most people never see Kim; they click a link which may be embedded in another system or sent by email. Hence there is no need for users to learn another system. 

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What people say


Robert Taylor, CEO of 360 Law Group

We are always looking for ways to deliver better client value, increase efficiency and streamline our operations across the 100 jurisdictions in which we operate. When we first saw Kim, we thought that it was too good to be true: a great combination of globally scalable functionality that is easy to use and deploy at affordable business software prices. We are excited to not only use Kim but also to showcase and take it to our clients who we also believe will benefit significantly from adopting it.


Adrian Jaggard, CEO Taylor Rose

A significant increase in license fees from our existing provider triggered our review of other tools. We're glad it did. It showed us what is now possible. Kim will help us digitize our operations and better serve our clients and teams. It saves us time and money and helps our business and IT strategy. We are excited by the opportunities.


Andrew Powell, CIO

We are using Kim Document to automate our supplier questionnaires and related documents as part of our vendor onboarding process. It was quick to make live and has helped reduce time and effort onboarding new suppliers.


Tony McKenna, Director of Information Technology

Kim Document, for us, was a no-brainer due to the simplicity of use and the attractive price point. Kim will help the firm automate those documents that aren’t high value enough to justify a full-blown document automation platform but where they would still like control over the data collected.


CISO, International Bank

Kim gives organizations the ability to have no-code form creation which enables unstructured data to be put in a structured format.

Ann Pruitt, Executive Director

Kim’s no-code Document and Automation-as-a Service Platform empowered us to automate our legal helpline process, enabling our service to scale exponentially and allowing team members to deliver value at the highest level.

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