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Document Automation Simplified

Kim helps you and your teams automate those documents that you find yourself creating time and time again, but that you simply haven't gotten around to automating yet due to either complexity or cost constraints.

Get Work Done. Faster. Better. Cheaper.

At Kim, we understand that legal and operational teams are busier than ever collating information required to draft standard documents manually.  Kim Document allows you to take your existing MS Word documents and turn them into web applications that can be shared internally and/or externally, in minutes, with no training.

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Benefits of Document Automation

In a perfect world, legal teams would automate as much as they could, set up templates to allow staff to self-serve as much as possible and remove the risk of rekeying information. This, in turn, would free up the lawyers to concentrate on more strategic work.

Speed & Efficiency

Get more done with the same amount of resources by producing documents quickly and gathering data more efficiently.

Data-rich Documents

Create data-rich documents that allow you to gather information, analyze the outputs and make the data available for future use.


Optimize internal processes by simplifying day-to-day tasks, and in the process, improve both the client and employee experience.


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Providing an NDA to a prospective client

Sergio in the sales department needs to provide a prospective client with an NDA before beginning work with them. Unfortunately, he is unable to locate the latest document. It cannot be self-served, and getting it from legal may take some time. Because of this process, the receipt of revenue could be delayed or lost altogether.

Discover how legal teams can use Kim Document to help sales self-serve, reducing the timeline from days to minutes.


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Creating a new vendor Information Security Checklist

Layla in the IT department needs to send a new vendor the Information Security Checklist to complete. She hunts for a while and when she finds it, she's unsure if it's the most recent version. Additionally, she will need to rekey the information back into the system, upon receipt after sending it by email. This approach poses a considerable governance risk, it can be very time-consuming and is prone to mistakes.

Watch how Layla automates the process using Kim Document and captures the relevant data, quickly and securely.


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Capturing compliance requests and monitoring progress

Joseph from compliance must verify that all 847 of his coworkers have read and understood the latest "Code of Conduct". It can be pretty challenging and time-consuming to follow and determine whether people have responded once you send it by email with the document as an attachment. Plus, afterward, he still needs to collate the data manually.

Find out how Joseph can improve/speed up the process and capture the data in a central place for future analysis.

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Seeing is believing

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