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No-Code Document Automation & Assembly


Thank you to everyone who visited our stand in the Pacific Hall at ILTACON in August 2023. 

We know it was a long walk and appreciate you seeking us out. If you didn't manage to get to us, you can still learn how Kim can help you and your team automate those documents that you find yourself creating time and time again, but that you simply haven't gotten around to automating yet due to either complexity or cost constraints.

How Kim helps

In a perfect world, legal, support teams and other functions in law firms would automate as much as they could, set up templates, allow staff to self-serve or automatically generate first draft of documents and capture data quickly and easily from client and/or internal audiences. In the process removing the risk of rekeying information. This frees up lawyer and other professional time to concentrate on more strategic work. Kim helps with all this and more...

No code

No-Code Document Assembly

Kim enables you to configure your own no-code rules and build a centralized clause and content library, complete with a  growing library of examples available for immediate use.

no rekeying (4)

Reduce Manual Rekeying

We minimize the need to manually rekey data, by allowing users to capture the information once using a form created in Kim, and then use this data to create whole suites of documents. 

automatic alerts

Alerts and Renewal

Users can set highly configurable alerts for data and metadata in Kim Document, meaning they never miss important events like renewal or expiry dates.

Generative AI

Generative AI

We offer the ability to utilize Generative AI to automate tasks, such as document tagging and application creation, saving administrative time and increasing accessibility.


With Kim, firms can enjoy seamless integration with REST-enabled platforms such as DocuSign, Jira, monday.com and MS 365, enabling low-code solutions for various processes.

imanage (2)

iManage Partner

We are an iManage partner, and in addition to our standard integration, you can  also create  workspaces and folders populated with a suite of documents and update documents simply by completing a secure webform.

What can you do with Kim?

Law firms and in-house teams are using Kim to automate documents, generate multiple documents off one form and use the data to populate other systems. They are using Kim to digitize elements of their operations, at pace, focused initially on all those processes that previously were too expensive to automate but which become affordable with Kim. 

Create Applications

Turn your existing documents into applications and use them anywhere.


Document Assembly

Assemble complex documents quickly and easily by using the content or clause libraries, all through a form-based questionnaire.


Document Automation

Quickly and easily generate 1st drafts of documents that you can share with both internal and external parties. 


No-Code Webforms

Push your newly created interactive no-code webforms to your clients via: email; use Kim as a Client Portal; or allow your client to host the application links for their own self-service. 


Standardize Data Capture

Download the captured data into spreadsheets, allowing you to analyse or push the data into other systems in a matter of minutes.


Build out campaigns allowing you to send 1-to-many emails, track the responses, and set up automated reminders. Perfect for compliance campaigns, RFI's or supplier certifications.

Examples of documents that have been automated

Examples of documents we automate

Reduce the administrative burden on your team

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Seeing is believing

Book your demo to see how Kim Document can help you achieve your tactical and strategic objectives quickly and cost-effectively.


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