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Corporate Legal Solutions

Envision a world where in-house legal teams harness the full potential of automation. They embrace standardized templates and facilitate self-service solutions with ease and confidence. These teams create near-flawless first-draft documents finely tuned to meet precise requirements. They can gather essential data once and use that data to generate comprehensive document sets and populate various systems in their current tech stack.  

 In-house legal teams are facing increased workloads with limited resources, and this is precisely where Kim Document steps in, offering invaluable support. 

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How Kim Helps

Kim is the perfect partner for in-house legal, legal operations, and compliance teams. It's seen as a trusted companion, offering affordable document automation and assembly. Legal professionals can create complex and routine legal documents using the content and clause libraries. Its user-friendly, form-based questionnaires further simplify the intricate task of document generation. 

Legal departments have three essential 'no-regrets' decisions to make. These choices help them determine what tasks to prioritize, what work they should pass to outside counsel, and what can be self-serviced. By making these decisions, legal teams free up their most valuable resource—their people—for higher-value work. 

Intake and Allocation

Intake and Allocation


Legal teams need to ascertain the source, allocation, progress and closure rationale of their workload. Efficient intake management through a web form ensures the team receives clear instructions, minimizing unnecessary demands. It also provides insights into tasks suitable for self-service, redirection, outsourcing, or insourcing. This process empowers the legal team and streamlines support for the business, improving the user experience. 


Outside Counsel Management

Kim allows legal teams to oversee the approval process when engaging third-party law firms. Understanding why work is being allocated to outside counsel, including factors such as capacity, capability, and expertise, helps shape the ecosystem, the legal operating model and the organization's needs. This approach enables the legal team to track the use of outside counsel and ensures that the approval process is managed efficiently. 

Enabling Simplicity@3x

Self Service


With so much demand for legal services, providing low-risk documents through self-service can help free up a lawyer's time. Intake management can be structured around customized request forms tailored to specific work types. The self-service capability is then driven by business users' information and responses, whether through seamless integration or manual input. The good news is, legal still controls both the rules and the templates.  

Discover the possibilities of Kim!

Kim's capabilities are empowering in-house teams to revolutionize their operations. Lawyers can automate document creation, effortlessly produce suites of documents from a single form, and seamlessly integrate data into multiple systems. At Kim, we are committed to making automation that was once cost-prohibitive now within reach, enabling legal teams to digitize their operations and prioritize processes that were once considered too expensive to automate. 


Document Automation

Generate near perfect initial drafts quickly and share them with internal and external stakeholders through multiple channels. 


Document Assembly

Kim's user-friendly form-based questionnaire streamlines document assembly using rules and your own customized content and clause libraries. 


Template Management

Tag and upload your existing MS Word documents to use as templates. This ensures consistency and reduces risk because team members always start with the latest version. 


Compliance Campaigns

Create, manage and track compliance campaigns, client surveys, request management, etc. Identify those yet to respond, automatically send reminder emails and manage to completion.  


Standardize Data Capture

Download the data captured in the forms into spreadsheets, enabling you to analyze or seamlessly integrate it into other systems, putting you in control of your information. 


No-Code Webforms

Share interactive, no-code webforms with clients easily via email, through Kim's Client Portal, or by providing self-service application links.


With Kim Document you can be live, in minutes, with one or more of our templates below.

Just 'click & use' (or quickly amend to suit your organization) and any or all of these documents will be available in your personal and secure Kim Document portal. You can then collaborate with your team and/or your clients and suppliers.  Document generation just got easier.

Web formLegal Support Request Form

Use this form to manage support requests coming into the legal team. It ensures a consistent process and data capture, including attachments. It enables clear instructions that you can prioritise and work on.

Simply publish the link to the form on your intranet or elsewhere. When a user clicks the link the form opens and they provide the requested information and then submit. The user receives an email confirming receipt and you have a complete instruction to review and action.


You can be live in minutes with a consistent and easy process.


Document Preview


Select where you would like your document to be hosted and begin.

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Kim EU    Kim UK    Kim US


Send a linkoneNDA

Self-service is a key way to deliver effective business support plus free the legal team so it can focus on higher value work.

You determine what documents are suitable for self-service in your organization and you upload them into Kim and make them available to appropriate audiences (users) with full data tracking and insight.


This is an example of a self-serve document from oneNDAoneNDA is a crowd-sourced, open-source non disclosure agreement that has been created by the legal community. And it’s entirely free to use.


Document Preview

Select where you would like your document to be hosted and begin.


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Kim EU    Kim UK    Kim US


Outside Counsel MgmtOutside Counsel Management

To control and manage costs, and to ensure that only appropriate matters are allocated to law firms. All legal departments need a consistent way to approve the appointment of outside counsel.

This form provides a simple way for Users to submit requests to use Outside Counsel and for the legal team to review and approve / decline.


Using industry standard matter types and other lists it also provides consistent data capture and reporting.


Document Preview


Select where you would like your document to be hosted and begin.



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Kim EU    Kim UK    Kim US


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Supplier Questionnaire

This form helps you evaluate, in a standard format, potential suppliers to your organization and/or its subsidiaries and covers products and services.

All you do is send a link to the supplier. They click the link, open the form and provide the requested information. You can then review the responses, discuss them internally, and revert to the supplier with additional questions.


It also provides a record you can make available to internal compliance or external regulators.


Document Preview


Select where you would like your document to be hosted and begin.


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Kim EU    Kim UK    Kim US



Below are some of the integrations that Kim offers. We're always adding to this list so if you don't see one you work with then get in touch.

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What people say


Andrew Powell, CIO

We are using Kim Document to automate our supplier questionnaires and related documents as part of our vendor onboarding process. It was quick to make live and has helped reduce time and effort onboarding new suppliers.


Tony McKenna, Director of Information Technology

Kim Document, for us, was a no-brainer due to the simplicity of use and the attractive price point. Kim will help the firm automate those documents that aren’t high value enough to justify a full-blown document automation platform but where they would still like control over the data collected.


CISO, International Bank

Kim gives organizations the ability to have no-code form creation which enables unstructured data to be put in a structured format.

Ann Pruitt, Executive Director

Kim’s no-code Document and Automation-as-a Service Platform empowered us to automate our legal helpline process, enabling our service to scale exponentially and allowing team members to deliver value at the highest level.

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